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Shostakovich's music particularly speaks to our current turbulent political time. It's no accident audiences flock to performances of his music ever more frequently. The destinies of Shostakovich and Prokofiev were inextricably linked to the repressive Soviet regime under Stalin. Their compositions often had dramatic political ramifications. They both feared for their lives from criticism instigated by Stalin. Their natural modernist style was labeled "formalist." But even when they wrote in a more accessible style, they were labeled "deviant" or "vulgar." Nevertheless both Soviet and world audiences identified and thrilled to their works. Today we view both of them among the most important composers in the 20th century, and in many ways, more accessible than Stravinsky, Schoenberg, and even Bartok.

In eight lectures, we will explore their music and discuss all kinds of fascinating background and details. I work hard to make these talks accessible to all curious music lovers, using a minimum of musical jargon, but at the same time, as a composer, I seek to add an interesting musical perspective that will interest experienced listeners as well. 

1000 Years of Western Music Backwards
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Series of 19 lecures—a whirlwind exposure to the music of Western Civilization from today all the way back to Gregorian Chant. Going backwards instead of forwards through time first widens our context from what we know—our current aesthetics— helping us to better hear the different concerns and beauty of earlier music. You'll come to know and love many masterpieces composed throughout the past thousand years. These are recordings from a live lecture series.

This is my unorthodox intro to Western music! We cover: 20th century—Post-modernism, Rock and Pop music, Jazz, Experimentalism, Serialism, Neoclassicism, Modernism; 19th century Romanticism; 18th century Classicism; 18th and 17th centuries Baroque; 16th and 15th centuries Renaissance; 14th thru 11th centuries Medieval.


Pre-order audio downloads before January 1, 2018 for my Mahler's Symphonies Series at half price! 

Listen in your car, at the gym, etc. The downloads cover the same material as the live lectures, just without the animated discussion and inevitable tangents. Mahler's music has made a deep impact on my life and I want to   help you develop a deeper understanding and ability to follow Mahler's epic musical journeys so that it has the same impact on your lives. The emotional payoff will be substantial.

This series will cover Symphonies 1, 2, 4, 6, and 9. 
Downloads will be available April 15, 2018