1000 Years of Western Music—Backwards!

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Steinberg 1000 Years Lecture CD CoverRGB.jpg

1000 Years of Western Music—Backwards!

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Now Available—1,000 Years of Western Music—Backwards

If you are looking for an overview of Classical Music geared both to the experienced listener and novice…
Whirl backwards with this series of 19 lectures that discuss music of Western Civilization from today all the way back to Gregorian Chant. Going backwards instead of forwards through time widens our context first from what we know—our current aesthetics— back to the different concerns and beauty of earlier music.  The goal is to stimulate curiosity and increase appreciation for masterpieces composed throughout the past thousand years. These are recordings from a live lecture series. Includes PDF listening list of music I discuss.

My vision was to begin with whatever was number one on the Bill Board charts and work my way back through Gregorian Chant!

Overview of Western Music
Postmodern Era (1985-present) return to tonality and embrace of all possible styles
Contemporary Era (1945-1985) experimentation and complexity
Early Modern Era (1900-1945) extending and breaking tonality
Romantic Era (1820-1900) chromatic harmony
Classical Era (1750-1820) sonata form

Baroque Era (1600-1750) instrumental music and tonality
Renaissance (1400-1600) vocal polyphony and imitation

Medieval Era (ca. 800-1400) vocal plainchant to polyphony