So much fun, such fantastic counterpoint, harmonies, non-harmonic tones, orchestration.
— Jed Gaylin, Lights On December 2013

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More modernistic in style is the flute sonata by Russell Steinberg. This atmospheric work fuses tonality with a more contemporary style. The movements get more energetic as they progress., and the final vivacity is exhilarating from start to finish.
— Carla Rees The Flutist Quarterly Winter 2009
Cosmic Dust is a shimmering, powerful work filled with great beauty and energy. It is beautifully organized and structured, with idiomatic writing for all sections. The orchestras I worked with and their audiences loved it, both with the visuals and without. The piece comes together quickly but at the same time is full of great ideas for the orchestra.
— Jed Gaylin, Cosmic Dust October 2015