BLUE POOL—Preludes for Solo Guitar Inspired by Hawaiian Slack Key Style and the Island of Maui
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Watch video Blue Pool—How Maui Helped Me Rediscover Guitar

Scores for Purchase:

Maui Slack Key Preludes Vol. 1

This guitar score for the first volume of Maui Slack Key Preludes includes:
1) Kaupo
2) Hana
3) Makawao
Score is in traditional notation and includes suggested fingerings!

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Maui Slack Key Preludes Vol. 2

The second volume of Maui Slack Key Preludes includes eight pieces:

1) Plumeria
2) Kula
3) Paia
4) Nahiku Beach
5) Waihe'e Valley (Swinging Bridges)
6) Silversword
7) Kihei
8) Blue Pool

Scores are in traditional notation with indicated tunings and suggested fingerings. 

I welcome any questions about the music and politely ask that you email programs for any public performances. Thanks!

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