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Evening 2 Mahler's Symphonic World Part 2

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In eight evenings together, we explore five of Mahler's symphonies from his early, middle, and late periods using piano examples, recordings, and your participation and discussion. This class is a sequel to last year’s session and will cover the remainder of Mahler’s symphonic works (except for Symphony No. 8). We begin with his third symphony (the nature symphony), then on to the heroic fifth symphony, the seventh symphony, his great sublime farewell The Song of the Earth (Das Lied von der Erde), concluding with his incomplete 10th symphony. Curiosity and enthusiasm is a must, but previous knowledge of music is not necessary to enjoy these evenings.

Week 1 January 16—Mahler Symphony No. 3
Mahler’s longest symphony—a nature symphony!
Movements 1-3

Week 2 January 23—Mahler Symphony No. 3
Movements 4-6

Week 3 January 30—Mahler Symphony No. 5
Mahler’s heroic symphony obsessed with Beethoven.
Includes the famous adagietto

Week 4 February 6—Mahler Symphony No. 7
Mahler’s least well-known symphony,
sometimes called the Song of the Night
Mvts 1-3

Week 5 February 13—Mahler Symphony No. 7
Movements 4-5

Week 6 February 20—Mahler Das Lied von der Erde
”The Song of the Earth”— Mahler’s “song” symphony
Movements 1-4

Week 7 February 27—Mahler Das Lied von der Erde
Movements 5-6 concluding with Der Abshied (The Farewell)

Week 8 March 6—Mahler Symphony No. 10
Movement 1 only (the only movement Mahler completed)