Drones and Resonances: Exploring the Sound of a Bösendorfer Piano

Drones are tones held while music changes above them, below them, or around them. While often hidden, drones create resonance and color. They are partly the secret of how a percussion instrument like the piano can seem to sing. These works all use drones to create their unique sonic worlds:
Bach French Suite in E Flat Major
Schubert Impromptu in A Flat Major, op. 142 #2
Beethoven Piano Sonata in A Flat Major, op. 26
Steinberg Beachcombing, Perotin's Aura, and Triad Dance from Beach Pebbles
Brahms Three Intermezzi, op. 118 #2 in A Major, op. 117#2 in B Flat Minor, op. 116#4 in E Major
Rachmaninoff Etudes Tableaux in C minor, Prelude in G Major, Prelude in C Minor