chanukkah menorah.jpg

MIDI Mockup of Lights On!—A Hanukkah Celebration

Lights On! is a festive Jewish offering for Christmas Holiday concerts.
Listeners embark on a musical journey through a traditional prayer
melody and eight diverse Hanukkah tunes, each representing one of
the eight days of Hanukkah. Some tunes are well known, such as
"O Hanukkah O Hanukkah," while others might be discoveries, such as
the Sephardic "Ochos Kandelikas." Highlights include frequent counterpoint
with various combinations of the the tunes. There is a moment of klezmer music
with a clarinet solo as well as a melodramatic violin cadenza. The structure of the
piece is a little bit like a spinning dreydel that goes out of control, with a climax where
all eight tunes play simultaneously. I add the tempo marking "Prestissimo Mashuguna,"
which I so hope is original. Lights On! was commissioned by Jed Gaylin and the
Bay Atlantic Symphony in New Jersey.