Mahler's Symphonic World Pt 2

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Mahler's Symphonic World Pt 2


Part 2 of the series now available. A unique journey that opens your ears to Mahler’s magical symphonies with in-depth, non-technical discussion, plus piano demos and recordings. Discussions include Mahler Symphonies 3, 5, 7, Das Lied von der Erde, and 10 (1st mvt.). A total of 20 large audio files plus PDFs of the lecture notes. After listening to the series, your ability to follow and understand the Mahler symphonies will improve dramatically.

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Mahler’s Symphonic World Pt. 2
SYMPHONY NO. 10 (mvt. 1)

We continue our journey in this second part of Mahler’s Symphonic World.. Many of you asked about Mahler’s 5th. We’re covering it this time around! But also be prepared to be transported to a higher spiritual plane with his great sublime farewell The Song of the Earth (which he did not number as a symphony to avoid the “curse of the 10th”) and his tenth symphony (which indeed he died before completing).

Gustav Mahler’s symphonies are among the most intoxicating and even addictive experiences in all classical music listening. This second audio collection is larger than the first because it features recordings from the actual classes, divided in 20 parts. It also includes PDFs of my general lecture notes. We explore five of Mahler's symphonies from his early, middle, and late periods using piano examples, recordings, and class participation and discussion. This series is a sequel to last year’s session and covers the remainder of Mahler’s symphonic works (except for Symphony No. 8).

What distinguishes these talks other people who speak on Mahler is that I introduce you to a composers perspective. I share how Mahler puts his music together and I provide tools to more easily follow the progression of Mahler’s ideas, all while avoiding excessive jargon. I play through and talk about the symphonies over a recording and my own piano reductions. After each talk, I encourage you to then listen to a recording of that symphony and discover for yourself how much more you are able to hear.