What's Beneath Subterranean Dance

 Let me know what you think of this short 3 minute video excursion into my chamber sextet Subterranean Dance. Does it make you curious to hear the entire work?

Avaloch Farm Music Institute—A Unique Laboratory for Performers and Composers

It was a week of blazing intensity working with Sierra Ensemble, an ensemble of terrific San Francisco Bay Area musicians. We were in residence at the beautiful Avaloch Farm Music Institute in New Hampshire, preparing the ensemble's world premiere of my horn trio that they  commissioned from me.  

When Bach Dissolves Tonality

 Do you have a favorite moment or piece that features Bach dissonance? Reply to this blog and let me know!

Humming Schoenberg's Piano Concerto

Humming the tone row while I played different harmonizations turned out to be a great way for an audience to "know" it as a theme. From there it was much easier to follow the development of Schoenberg's piano concerto.

Did Shostakovich Compose in Codes?

Let me know if you think Shostakovich's music contains hidden messages!

Drones and Resonances Preview
The Magical Bösendorfer
National Identity—Addressing our Post-Election Crisis with Classical Music

This weekend I'm conducting a concert titled "Classical Meets Neoclassical." It explores ideas of national identity and discourse. In light of our unprecedented presidential election season and its astonishing result, this programming seems prescient—Haydn's Symphony No. 92 ("Oxford"), Rodrigo's Concierto de Aranjuez, and Copland's Fanfare for the Common Man and Appalachian Spring. Perhaps the connection between these pieces can even help focus on ideas that have made America such a unique expression of liberty, freedom, and hope.