All of YOU were the rainbows we looked for and needed last night! What a fun, fun evening. I only got a few pics, but they capture joy and diversity. It was amazing to put such different people together eager to learn about each other. And—of course—creativity off the charts. Thank you to everyone who performed, who brought incredible food, who shared about themselves, and, especially, those who listened (without which nothing else happens)!! Wishing you all a Happy New Year filled-to-bursting with this love—Russell


Maui Rainbow December 2018

This rainbow just suddenly appeared as I drove past the southern tip of Maui past deserty Kaupo towards lush Kapahulu, its paint bucket arching over the mountains and dipping into the sea.

My finished landscape project by Wild Flower Landscape and Design that most of you didn’t see last night because it was SO COLD outside :)