Great Mahler Moment—4th Symphony End of Movement 3

To get us ready for the series, I thought it would be fun to share some favorite Mahler moments. Everyone has their own, of course. This is near the end of the slow movement of the 4th symphony. I played it for my UpBeat Live audiences to show how Mahler was deeply influenced by Bruckner's 7th symphony. The huge E major fanfares are almost identical. But where Bruckner uses the mass of sound to conclude a movement, Mahler here uses it as a victorious breakthrough into an ethereal heavenly world. From the most crashing sounds to the most tender, those high yearning violins melting into the flutes with that astonishing deceptive cadence—it takes us to a new world. You can point to that moment and what follows as why we love Mahler! Do you agree? What's your favorite Mahler moment?